House, Car & Medical Insurance
Car registration - Contrôle technique (MOT)
Carte vitale (Health insurance)
Connection to Utilities (Electricity, Water...)
Telephone and Internet Connections
Bank accounts - Income Tax / Local Taxes
Registering with doctors - Schools
Architects and Surveyors - Web designer
Artisans (builder, plumber, electrician...)
Swimming pool suppliers - Tree surgeons & Gardeners
Private: individual and group lessons bespoke to the client’s need (rates below) taught in Mirande or in your own home.
Professional: Business to Business Courses and Export Assistance in partnership with (rates on request)"

Individual: 35E/h - Group: 60E/h
35 to 60€ /h
Translation of written documents and web sites.
60 € / hour
0,15 € /word