About FEET IN France

Three people, who themselves have experienced bureaucratic difficulties, created the company to assist others coming to France.

One of these people, Mme Palma BEGUE-URSO, provides the Feet in France client services. As a graduate of foreign languages, with a multicultural and multilingual background, Palma speaks French, English, German and Italian fluently.

Her professional career has included positions as a :

  • self-employed translator
  • multilingual teacher at an international language school
  • international negotiator for an estate agency in Gascony,

which have given her the required experience to provide efficient language assistance covering a multitude of issues and situations.

With our extensive linguistic and cultural knowledge we are able to help new arrivals make their way through any difficulty relating to their new life in France. Feet in France's bespoke professional services are designed to bridge the language gap between French people and foreign nationals in any situation.